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The following is not just dreamt up to persuade you to deal with Grover. We have been doing the following since we started Grover Communications in 1982. Our existing customers have always received our total commitment to them. This commitment has helped our customers and us in our endeavor to succeed. Please ask any of our customers of their satisfaction with us. We depend on word-of-mouth advertising so we are sure that you will receive very favorable comments regarding Grover Communications.

Prompt, Courteous, Professional. Check out our ad’s. They all have “service” placed ahead of “sales." We believe in this SERVICE BEFORE SALES slogan and are totally committed to it. 

We understand your costs of downtime and endeavor to keep it to an absolute minimum. With the enormous costs of your other equipment, radios should enhance, not hold up your production. Quality service and equipment enable your minimum loss of production and maximum profits. Unlike many other companies, we keep most service parts in stock which enables us to repair 98% of any problems the very same day! 

We sell only top quality equipment. Before we sell any equipment we do thorough tests and evaluations both in how well it works and the durability. This assures top quality for our mutual benefit. In short, we will not sell it unless it measures up to our high standards.

If you buy something and it does not work as it should, Grover will give your money back with no nonsense. When we sell only quality equipment we are able to offer our customers an easy no fuss money back guarantee.

Grover Communications has over 50 years of experience exclusively in the two-way radio business. This gives us the ability to design, recommend, service and sell the equipment and systems we know will work and keep working. Our staff are continuously trained to keep them qualified so that we can maintain your equipment efficiently. We have chosen to specialize in only two-way radio which ensures that all of our efforts are directed to finding ever better solutions to your two-way radio needs.

With a purchase from Grover, engineering, consulting, and Industry Canada licensing assistance is available to you. We also have assistance available from Motorola’s engineering departments should it be required.

We have watched many companies that have sold radio equipment on low price alone either go broke or be financially unable to provide you with the support you deserve. Your purchase from us today assures our support to you for the years to come. We have been in business for 25 years and are committed to many more years of service! 

Our price includes all the above with our indebtedness and commitment to our customers.

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